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Kodak Digital Radiography

Kodak Digital Radiography provides us with crisp, high-definition images we need to make accurate diagnoses quickly and confidently.  The storage and retrieval process is simplified, allowing us to find information in a timely manner which cuts down on our patients’ wait time. Our use of Kodak Digital Radiography also allows our patients to view x-rays more clearly, providing them with a more complete understanding of how specific treatments will impact their smiles.

Kodak Intraoral Camera

The Kodak Intraoral Camera is an excellent tool that allows the patient to see, in vivid detail, how well they are taking care of their teeth.  In addition, patients can see how specific treatments are changing and enhancing their smiles.  The camera allows us to photograph our patients’ mouths quickly, easily and painlessly.  The image taken is then enlarged and projected onto a large color monitor, providing instant diagnosis capabilities.  Patients are often more receptive to dental treatment recommendations once they see problems developing with their own eyes.  Also, the camera allows us to the mouth more clearly, resulting in more informed dental care.

Soft Dent Practice Management Software

Kodak's practice management software allows us to seamlessly integrate images taken from the camera directly into each individual patient’s charts. The software provides us with a comprehensive set of scheduling, charting, financial and integration features which allow us to find patients’ information quickly, saving time and unnecessary frustration. From appointments to paperless charts, the Soft Dent system makes our office more patient-friendly than ever before.


Patient Testimonials

I just want to take a minute to thank you so much for doing such beautiful work on my teeth!  I feel much better about my smile and they feel so good also.  I’m very thankful to have you as my dentist.  You’re the best!!
-Pam G